Before the start, this is only for education and not teach others to open web pages is not reasonable to be opened

The Onion Router, or Tor is a server that makes the user to be anonymous on the internet.

Working way Tor directs Internet traffic through a network of volunteers are provided with free and worldwide, with more than 4,000 relay. Tor hides serve internet users. People who use Tor network using a network of onion routers. This makes the user’s location remains a secret. Tor can be used for things that are against the law in some places, such as criticizing the country’s leaders, disseminate copyrighted files, in other words used to open blocked addresses in the government, public ip hide us while doing pentest

tor additional client would be to track the encryption of the client as much as 3 layers.

each passed node / relay encryption will be peeled like an onion

example :

IP public anda –> node1(malay) –> node2(jerman) –> node3(ireland) –>interne

Public IP address obtained from ISP.                    IP which in getting after running tor



from tor browser


for more details please see the picture

ok let’s start

materials needed

– Tor source stand alone without browser

– Of course firefox

why wear source ??

       better use of the source, sometimes the installation package that is so often error

login to user, don’t use   root

1. download tor, using

         wget -c

2. extract tor and enter the source folder

        -xf tar tor-
        cd tor *

3. compile and install

       ./configure:This --pefix = / usr --sysconfdir = / etc
       sudo make install

after completion

 cp -v /etc/tor/torrc.sample torrc

run tor  from  terminal,


open firefox, open preference – Advanced – Settings
in select manual proxy settings, fill “” in the SOCKS Host, port “9050”
check the remote control and select SOCKS v5. ok

and happy browsing




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